Recovery Uncensored

Inspiring, honest and uplifting

I absolutely admire those who are brave enough to choose recovery and speak up about their addiction story. As a human who has addiction myself, Ty’s Podcast has helped me to realize my own triggers and see the truth about my addiction through listening to the stories of others. Being new to recovery, listening to the stories of others has been very helpful for me to understand that there is community in recovery. I enjoy the topics discussed outside of the realm of addiction as well. Life gets busy and when I need inspiration or a meeting but can’t make one, I am able to listen to this podcast and it reminds me of why I am in recovery. It is certainly not a replacement for working my program but it does help if time just won’t allow me to get to a meeting. Thanks so much for doing this series and I am looking forward to hearing more about recovery for years to come!

Julia Lee

Oct. 23, 2021 by Jcorkie1 on Apple Podcasts

Recovery Uncensored