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Jan. 18, 2022

Recovery Uncensored Ep 38: Rock-N-Roll Recovery

Recovery Uncensored Ep 38: Rock-N-Roll Recovery
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In Ep. 38: Rock-N-Roll Recovery, Shaun Howard, lead singer of the band Foreplay and the Shaun & Mike Duo, joins Recovery Uncensored to share his struggle with alcoholism that accompanied his night life as a talented vocalist and natural-born rocker. We sit down and discuss the car wreck that changed his motivation for recovery, depression, writing original music, cartoons like Adventure Time and anime, and how grateful he is to have four years of continuous sobriety. He shares a lighter and more intimate side by performing an acoustic version of his original song "Blame it on Gravity" on the ukulele. Join us for another amazing interview with a talented and humble guest.