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Jan. 4, 2022

Recovery Uncensored Ep. 36: Sober AF!

Recovery Uncensored Ep. 36: Sober AF!
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A new year, with a new guest all on Recovery Uncensored! On our first episode of 2022, our host, Ty Bechel, brought on Duke Rumely, founder of Sober AF Entertainment  out of Colorado. 

Ty and Duke discuss Duke's history with alcohol abuse and how he crossed the border into Mexico, later to be arrested and detained by Mexican federales. The jail put a $25,000 bond on his head that his mother walked away from. Not wanting to keep Duke in Mexico, the jail reduced the bond to $4,000 and his mother came to his rescue. 

Join us for episode 36 to discuss his detainment and deportation from Mexico, his blackout on a plane, and how he turned his life around, developing Sober AF Entertainment, a nonprofit that organizes sober tailgate parties and works with sporting venues to provide sober sections for those in recovery.