Welcome to Recovery Uncensored
April 11, 2023

Episode 57: From Heroin to Heroine

Episode 57: From Heroin to Heroine
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Giving up was not an option for Brittany, even though she was only one wrong decision away from a life full of despair and possibly death. She joined Ty in the Big Z Media studio and shared how she flew under the radar with her drug and alcohol use, shocking her parents at the kitchen table while pleading for help from the grip heroin had on her everyday life. Brittany recounts frequently moving to different cities (and states) due to her father's work and having the gnawing feeling she doesn't truly fit in anywhere. She found ways to relate to kids in high school, as many adolescents do, by dating, drinking, and sometimes drugging. Alcohol introduced her to cocaine and Benzos, which inevitably led to intravenously using Dilaudid for the first time. She turned to stripping to support the newly found heroin addiction that took her down Salisbury St., Kingshighway Blvd., and Hall St. while evading the Jump Out Boys to stay out of jail. After four stints in residential treatment, Brittany knew she had to make a drastic change and plunged into a 12-step community where she has been ever since with almost 12 continuous years of recovery. She now works as a social worker, giving her heart and soul to help parents escape their own Hell and unify with their children.