Welcome to Recovery Uncensored
Jan. 24, 2023

Episode 51: This One's For Ben

Episode 51: This One's For Ben
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Amber Kite joins us in the studio to talk about everything recovery, but not before she gave a shout-out to her close friend, Ben, who tragically lost his life to suicide recently at the young age of 25. We discuss the importance of checking on our people and letting them know we love them. Remember, you can call 988 if you feel you are in a crisis and need someone to speak with. After her heartfelt memorialization to Ben, Amber takes us down a road of active addiction that seemed to grow after a long-time relationship of nearly seven years abruptly ended. Confessing the relationship had become toxic, and she was admittingly co-dependent, she descended into heavy drug use that led to her mother constantly worrying about her and having police contact, resulting in probation and attending Madison County, IL Drug Court under the Honorable Judge Napp; Amber was court-ordered to go to long-term treatment and was admitted to CRC, a long-term recovery home in Irving, Ill. (Montgomery County), a village of only 600. She stayed nearly two years, even during the strictest COVID-19 lockdowns. Today, she celebrates her family, friends, and working in the recovery field, helping others find a new way to live. 

Learn more about the 988 crisis hotline by clicking HERE.