Welcome to Recovery Uncensored
Jan. 17, 2023

Episode 50: Back And Better Than Ever

Episode 50: Back And Better Than Ever
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Michael Wooten, owner of Effervescent Studios and person in recovery, joins Ty to discuss the past three years since he and his partner were last on the show. As many argue relapse if relapse is, or isn't, part of recovery, today's interview shows the monumental growth that can take place after a brief tasteof recovery goes awry when relapse finds its way into our mind, body, and soul. Michael bares all and holds nothing back from the struggles his methamphetamine used caused with his closest relationships. After being asked to leave the home he and his partner began building, Michael was left to reevaluate his life, drug use, and if recovery was something he truly wanted. Realigning his values and desires, he realized a life with organic happiness and supportive people in his life was more important than the stimulants. Today, Michael owns his dance studio, is happily involved with his partner, and is learning peer work with Amare as a Family Recovery Coach Intern.