Welcome to Recovery Uncensored
Dec. 6, 2022

Episode 49: Lights, Camera, RECOVERY!

Episode 49: Lights, Camera, RECOVERY!
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Ted Perkins, a former Warner Bros. and Universal Studios Executive, joins Ty Bechel from Los Angeles to share his expertise in films, writing, recovery, and his recently published book, Addicted in Film.The 300-page paperback travels into unknown territory by mixing and bending Ted's recovery journey with his 30 years in Hollywood and great love for films and storytelling; Addicted in Filmis truly a piece of literature that is one of a kind.

During his interview, not only does Ted share his recovery journey and how he turned to 100 movies about addiction to help in his early months of healing, but he drops nuggets of truth about what it takes to become a writer and producer in the industry of filmmaking. As he continues to use his immense talent to write and sell scripts to various studios and production companies, he is also assisting in expanding the recovery movement through the power of storytelling so people can find a better way of living. If you love recovery and films, this is an episode you don't want to miss!

Visit www.addictedinfilm.com to learn more about Ted, his new book, Addicted in Film,and movies reflecting struggles and victories relating to substance use.