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Sept. 6, 2022

Episode 47: Judges Recover Too

Episode 47: Judges Recover Too
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Attorney, past specialty court judge (drug court), and social entrepreneur, Katie Sullivan, joins Recovery Uncensored from her home to share a remarkable story of trials, tribulations, and success that took her all the way to working with the Trump Administration's Department of Justice.  

Having nearly 26 years of continuous recovery from alcoholism, Katie was nothing short of honest with her challenges with alcohol, later attending 12 step meetings, and being challenged as a judge of Colorado's 5th judicial district for being in recovery by defense attorneys and their clients. Before becoming a judge, she had a private practice and later served as Deputy District Attorney in Colorado. 

Katie was appointed by William Barr as the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Office of Justice Programs. Today, she and her husband, Dr. Art Kleinschmidt, have retired from government positions and began a new journey with their organization Recovery for America Now Foundation, where the well-known Dr. Drew Pinsky sits on their Advisory Board. Their mission, "saving lives through treatment scholarships."