Welcome to Recovery Uncensored
July 19, 2022

Episode 43: Live from 107.1 FM

Episode 43: Live from 107.1 FM
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Hello, Recovery Uncensored fans! In case you didn't know, we started a spinoff show called Recovery Uncensored LIVE! that is live on the radio in the St. Louis region on 107.1 FM/1570 AM; you can stream live too! This is our 4th live episode captured for your Recovery Uncensored needs! Michael Wooten, owner and lead dance instructor of Effervescent Studio joined me and my co-host, Bri on the Radio, to discuss his last relapse, dealing with losing his partner when his active use became too much, and how well he is doing today with over a year of continuous recovery. Michael shares how he is helping transform lives at his dance studio and shares his class catalog with dance styles he teaches like the hustle, salsa, and more!  We have fun on the live show and sometimes get off topic and even have challenges for our guests. Check out our live episode and don't forget to visit our website www.myrecoverypodcast.com for past episodes, our blog, and much more!