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July 12, 2021

Recovery Uncensored: First Time for Everything

Recovery Uncensored: First Time for Everything

Holy (bleep)! Our first blog on our newly developed podcast website is a milestone in itself. We over at Recovery Uncensored and Big Z Media cannot thank each listener for the support. We have come a long way since our first episode in Dec. 2019. We have had two different logos and two different intro songs. We evolved, perfecting our craft. 

The backstory...

It is no secret that I am a person in long-term recovery. But what many may not know is that I have worked extremely hard in my personal and professional life to get here. I have had some haters and some supporters during this almost out-of-body experience. I am an avid writer and love people. Not only do I host Recovery Uncensored, but I also do some freelance journalism, mainly community pieces.

When I came up with the idea of Recovery Uncensored, it was not anything revolutionary. Still, I was terrified to talk with the radio station about my vision, mostly because the fear of rejection always sucks. But, I took a deep breath the day I met the studio's Vice President, and he loved the idea. So, I got busy with a name. It took about three weeks before the name Recovery Uncensored was the one. The rest was history. 

Now almost 30 episodes deep, we are only looking to grow. One of the original concepts of the show was to revolutionize the conversations about addiction, recovery, and what's happening in the community. We provide a safe space for those with amazing stories, whether in recovery or a family of someone who is. 

I never hosted a podcast in my life, though I always wanted to, and recovery made it possible. I will listen to my old shows and find ways to improve. I get emails about show ideas and guests we should have on. Within our first year and a half, we had Brianne Davis, a Hollywood actress, come on and talk about her recovery from sex addiction. It was one sex-y episode. Bad puns and dad jokes aside, we have grown and continue to do so. We are working on merchandise and building our guest list from people, even celebrities. If you have been along for the ride, buckle up, it's gonna get wild (in a good way)! 

Thank you for being there for us. Until next time.