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This is the official page for Recovery Uncensored with Host Ty Bechel, the #1 recovery podcast in the Midwest. We discuss various topics like ups and downs of active addiction, how recovery can provide us a healthier and safer life, family members suffering from their loved one's struggle with substance use, and so much, much more. Our guests include individuals, family members, and even some from Hollywood that are also in recovery. We leave no stones unturned in this real and raw podcast about life, struggles, and recovery. Real people. Real Stories. All Uncensored. 

About the Host

Ty Bechel

Author | Journalist | Radio Show and Podcast Host | Executive Director

Ty Bechel is a seasoned podcast host and radio show host for Recovery Uncensored LIVE! on 107.1 FM who has over 10 years of long-term recovery. He has written and published a two-volume autobiography series, Heroin Rising: A Tale of True Terror and Heroin Rising: Out of the Ashes. He is also the founding Executive Director of Amare, a nonprofit, recovery community organization in the St. Louis Metro-East that provides evidence-based recovery support services like recovery coaching, treatment placement, family coaching, recovery skills groups, and much more. Bechel is also a freelance journalist with bylines with Buzz Magazine, Alton Advantage, Alton Telegraph, and Riverbender.com. He also owns Bechel & Associates, a nonprofit business consulting company to assist nonprofits on a limited budget.